Our Team

Composed of numerous professionals with a common goal, to make our customers feel at home. We present them to you!

Management & Administration

Belén Pizarro Llinas

As Director and Manager of the Mijas Racquets Club, Belén is constantly training to get the best out of the club and to make sure that our clients enjoy the sport and leisure activities at our facilities every day.

Mari Carmen Reina Hinojosa

With a degree in Business Studies, a degree in Market Research and Techniques and a second degree in VET in Administration and Accounting, Mari Carmen has sufficient training and experience to carry out all the management of Raquetas de Mijas. From Reception, she will be the one who can assist you with administrative and managerial level with pleasure.

Diego Hernández Ruiz

With more than 10 years of experience in the world of Padel and being a professional player, Diego has reached the 54th position in the classification of the Andalusian Padel Federation, even becoming Champion in different Amateur Tournaments of First Category and Team Champion of Andalusia, reaching 3rd place in the U-23 Championship of the Andalusian Padel Federation.

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As you have been able to read, Diego has specialized and is passionate about Competition in the world of Paddle.

His experience as a coach for different Junior and Amateur Competition Schools has undoubtedly made him one of the best, a patient and disciplined coach who knows how to motivate and bring out the best in you for the competition. . If your goal is to improve your performance in the game and your technique to move up the ranks at the competition level, ask about their classes!

Daniel Salcedo Groen

Born in Mallorca and after a professional career in the world of tennis, Dani immersed himself in the world of padel and trained as a National Padel and Tennis Instructor to dedicate himself completely to teaching his passion. Having worked as both a teacher and technical director in different clubs in the province for 15 years, his experience in both sports makes him a versatile and flexible teacher, teaching both children and adults in both disciplines.

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Currently, Dani continues to compete as a top player in the world of Padel, ranking 50th in the Andalusian Padel Federation and 15th in the province.

Come to Raquetas de Mijas and ask for his classes!

Raúl Cano

Resident of Mijas. Superior Technician in Physical Sports Activities. He has been a monitor for 9 years, his speciality, children. He is a cheerful and fun instructor, who has a lot of empathy for the little ones. From an early age he was attracted by paddle tennis and learned to play in the clubs of Fuengirola and Mijas, making a place for himself as an instructor in the Raquetas de Mijas family for 6 years now.

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As if that wasn’t enough, he is studying his third year of Physical Education and organises weekend mixin both for children and adults.If you are thinking of giving classes or having some fun, don’t hesitate, ask for Raúl.

Lorena Vano Martín

Italian by birth, but from Malaga at heart, Lorena has had a racket in her hand since she was a child.Her beginnings were in the world of tennis when she was only 8 years old, starting a professional career at 16, which was interrupted by a serious injury. As a result of this injury, Lorena discovered the world of padel and became completely involved in improving and perfecting her skills in this sport.

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Currently, Lorena is a Superior Technician in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities, National Padel Instructor Level 1 and, in addition, with only 21 years old, she is in the 45th position of the Absolute Andalusian ranking and 106th World Padel tour. Without a doubt, a real warrior who will give her all in your Padel classes and will help you to improve and polish your technique. Ask for her classes!

Alberto Martín

28 years old, from Fuengirola, he is the youngest of the family and the most recent signing. He has been playing padel since he was 14 years old. He learned to play in different clubs in Fuengirola and Mijas, until he decided to take the official national padel instructor course (Fap).

In just a few months he has managed to get a good portfolio of foreign clients, as together with our Vicente Ávila, they are the bilingual teachers that the Club has. He exudes calm, patience and nobility, a “cachito de pan”, as we say in Andalusia.

Vicente Ávila López

He began his career playing tennis, dedicating many hours of training to it. At the age of 16, he stumbled upon padel, had the opportunity to cover for an instructor, giving his classes and discovered his potential. He prepared for it and got the Official Title of the Andalusian Federation of Paddle (FAP). For 5 years that was his life. Later he put it aside as a hobby and dedicated himself to the world of hospitality and for the last two years he has been part of the Raquetas de Mijas family, dedicating himself full time.

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Father of a two year old girl, great player and professional, committed, empathetic and very friendly. Together with Alberto, they are our bilingual kids.

With a long waiting list, do not hesitate to put yourself in their hands, they will make you a great player.

O. Alexandro Fuentes Ramos

Teaching the traditional Shotokan Karate-Do discipline of the great Master Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th DAN) since 1994 and with experience as a teacher in different Dojos in Venezuela, United States and Spain, our Sensei Alex is able to instill in his students the value of discipline, perseverance and effort at the same time that they enjoy a class full of fun and laughter.

Judy Elsie Brown · Tonning & Pilates

Judy is one of our most cosmopolitan instructors. Having been a professional in the world of fitness since 1988 and with qualifications such as International Dance Exercise Association of America (IDEAA) and American Consul Exercise (ACE), she has come to the Costa del Sol to turn her energy and dedication into her passion. With her Toning and Pilates classes you will not only exercise your body and mind, but you will leave each class feeling refreshed, so don’t hesitate to enjoy her classes!

Yolanda Merino Jiménez · Zumba

Without a doubt, Yolanda is the biggest fan of the Zumba world and to prove it you only have to take a look at her training: official Zumba instructor (2014); official Zumba Tono instructor (2015) and official Strong by Zumba instructor (2010), as well as official TRX Suspension instructor (2017). Motivation, effort and personal growth are the basis of her life and this is perfectly reflected in her classes. For her, every class is a new opportunity to forget the bad and give the best of yourself. You can’t miss these classes full of energy and fun!

Britta Pampus · Pilates

Born in Germany, Britta studied sport and art at university in Düsseldorf before moving to the Costa del Sol. Since then, she has worked in different sectors in order to gain extensive experience in the world of sport. She has worked as a ski guide, as a water aerobics trainer and as a gymnastics trainer specialising in strengthening and correcting the spine;

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Britta specialised in the world of Pilates and since then, everyone who knows her thanks her every day for her great work.

Now, in Raquetas de Mijas, you can count on her to guide you and immerse you in a discipline with a slow pace but high intensity. Are you ready to attend her classes?

Marieke van der Velde · Zumba

“The world of Zumba allows me to be 100% me”. Of Dutch origin and with more than 20 years living in the heart of the Costa del Sol, she discovered the world of Zumba as many of us have done, enjoying a class. She enjoyed it so much that Marieke started to train and become a fan of dance and fitness.

Officially a Zumba instructor since 2015, Marieke started teaching her own classes, turning an hour of exercise into a real party, living and enjoying it to the fullest with her students.


Technician in socio-sports activities, therapist in the psychomotor practice Aucouturier and passionate about the world of childhood.
She seeks to create a greater awareness of physical fitness and health from an early age. She firmly believes in play as a transformative element and absolutely necessary for the correct and healthy development of the child. She is the most caring monitor we have, she is empathetic and friendly. You will also find her at reception.